“Far beyond being an album, " En Meio " is the material outbreak of deep learning about the mystery of existence ... In this work I´ve assumed for the first time all that I am, and now you are holding a real piece of my totallity . The whole conception of the disc is based on the idea that what is done with truth will always be beautiful. The aim of these sounds is to awaken in the listener , a thirst to seek their inner truth every second of this life! "


Lucía Soledad Spivak

The álbum “En Meio,” entirely produced by Lucía, brings a repertoire with the eclectic coherence that has always been typical of this singer. It presents folk Latin-American rhythms with a jazz treatment, which is possible to appreciate in the composition, arrangements and extensive improvisation. All of this is the result of years of deep investigation of voice, rhythms and languages of each style presented. The concept of the album is based on the dialogue between technique and spontaneous performance, which shows the maturity of this artist.. Lucía started her music studies almost thirty years ago, creating a solid basis for her art. This whole experience made it possible for her to deconstruct and experiment beyond the predictable possibilities. As a result, we have an album that mixes styles, timbres, languages and atmospheres, enabling the listener to travel through the most diverse territories, experiences and emotions.




Lucía Soledad Spivak: Voice, percussion, arrangements, artistic production and musical direction,

David Breder (Piano),

Nando Vicencio (Acoustic bass in all tracks, soprano sax  in track 04 and tenor sax in track 09),

Leandro Lisi (Drum-percussion),

Alessandra Fiorinda Giovannoli (Violoncello in tracks 01 and 04),

Rebeca Friedmann (Violoncello in tracks 01 and 04),

Fábio Leal (Electric Guitar in tracks 03 and 05),

Vinicius Nicoletti (Bandolim in track 03),

Nicolás Spivak (Voice in track 04),

Camilo Ottonello (Drums in track 05)

Jorge Peña (Ocean Drum and seagull in track 02, chico drum in track 05),

Fernando Lima (piano drum in track 05),

Matías Ivan Arce (repique drum in track 05)

Gui Silveiras (Electric Guitar in track 07)

All tracks arranged by Lucía Soledad Spivak, except "Flamboiombe" arranged by Fábio Leal, Camilo Ottonello and Lucía Soledad Spivak.

Recorded in November of 2014 by Carlos Akamine in "Espaço Cachuera", São Paulo - SP, Brasil.

Mixed and masterized by Homero Lotito in "Reference Mastering Studio", São Paulo - SP, Brasil.