Singer, composer and actress form Argentina, rooted in Brazil since 2008.


In her long career (which began as a student of music and theater at age 7, on stage at 13 and as a singing teacher at 16), she always walked by many styles being faithful to his passion for universal eclectic music. Over the years, Lucía participated in countless musical and theatrical works in various countries including Brazil (where she currently resides), Argentina (active every 6 months), Paraguay (active every 6 months), Dubai (UAE) in 2007, Italy and the Netherlands (2004 and 2005), among others.


She released heir first album "Lo Que Se Nos Canta" in duet with Juan Cristóbal Barcesat in Argentina in 2008 and her second album "En Meio" (first solist album, fully produced by her) recorded in Brazil and published in Argentina in 2015.

In Brazil she participated as an actress and vocal researcher of the "Eu-Outro Núcleo de Pesquisa Cênica" between 2009 and 2014. With this company she worked as an actress, songwriter, vocal coach and singer in the plays: "O Touro Branco" (2013), "Favores da Lua" (2011),"Cebolas explodem abôboras noturnas?" (2010) and “Bastardo" (2009), all directed by Juliano Casimiro. She works as an actress and vocal researcher in the company "Estelar de Teatro" since 2015, where she participated as an actress in the play "Frida Kahlo. Calor e frío " and is now working in the process of the next plays.

She has been teaching singing and vocal research for 20 years now, both private students and teaching workshops regularly in various cities and other countries like Argentina and Paraguay. She also performs works of "coaching" and vocal direction for recording discs, Purahei Soul (Paraguay, 2016), Kelly Silva (Brazil, 2016). Still this year she teaches gypsy and yddish singing for the actors of the “Companhia Balagan de Teatro” de São Paulo.